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Scholarship Program

Supporting the growth of our future.

Supporting the growth and prosperity of future generations was a logical step for the Orange Home Grown Foundation. Assisting youth with aligned interests and goals is a win for those awarded scholarships and our community as a whole. 


The Orange Home Grown Scholarship Program was started in 2013 has become a huge success, supporting college level students and high school seniors entering college in their quest to reach their educational dreams in the fields of agriculture, food science, animal science, the environment/sustainability, or related studies.


Each year, Orange Home Grown awards scholarships to aspiring future or current college students, whose interests and studies align with Orange Home Grown’s mission and focus. Orange Home Grown is proud to support our local youth obtain their dreams and to help provide financial support to help lighten the burden of the cost for a college education.


 Orange Home Grown is proud to be a benefactor for our local youth. To learn more about our scholarship stats visit our impact page.


Apply for an Orange Home Grown Scholarship

Orange Home Grown’s Annual Academic Scholarship will be given out to recipients who meet the application criteria. 

Please fill out the application below and submit the requested supplemental material.


Any questions, please reach out to Executive Director Megan Penn at

Scholarship Submission Requirements

Application Criteria

  • Enrolled in college or as a high school senior

  • Seeking college level of study

  • Field of study in line with the Orange Home Grown Foundation Mission (declared major a plus) – Examples: Agriculture, Sustainability, Culinary, Environment Related, Health/Fitness

  • Submit completed application and requested supplemental material by deadline, Monday April 1, 2024

Requested Material

  • Personal resume

  • 500‐750 word essay explaining to Orange Home Grown how you will utilize your knowledge in your field of study to impact your local and/or global community, as well as how you will plan on using the awarded scholarship funds

  • A minimum of one (1) recommendation letter

How to Submit Your Application

  • Submit application and supplemental material no later than Monday, April 1, 2024

  • Finalists may be asked to schedule an in-person interview with the Scholarship Committee

  • Scholarship winner(s) will be notified no later than Friday, April 19, 2024 and the recipients will be presented their checks and certificates at a special community ceremony at the Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market on Saturday May 11, 2024 at 10:00 AM.

The Kevin Hogate
Volunteer Award

Volunteering is an act of kindness by an individual freely giving of their time, talents, and labor to community service. The Annual Kevin Hogate Volunteer Award honors an individual in our community who exemplifies the true meaning of volunteerism. 


Kevin was an active volunteer with Orange Home Grown and his life was cut much too short in his freshman year of college. The Orange Home Grown Foundation is proud to partner with the Hogate Family to continue to share Kevin’s passion for community and willingness to get involved and give back locally.


Thank you to the Hogate Family for partnering with Orange Home Grown to sponsor this Award. Kevin is greatly missed by his family and friends, but his memory lives on through others.

Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 8.27.38 PM.png

Past Scholarship Award Winners


Anayeli Sarabia
Leah Masuoka


Anayeli Sarabia
Natalie Eisner


Guy Hernandez
Avery Barbera
Joshua Jaime
Amber Buzzard


Guy Hernandez
Abigail Martinez
Trisha Moreira
Benjamin Reed Brown
Serene Janes-Taylor


Samantha Rogers
Sophia Barr


William Perez
Vincent Bui
Eloi Barajas
Samantha Rogers
Sophia Barr


Erin Araneta
Vincent Bui
Christina Delerling
Samantha Rogers
Sophia Barr
David Yi
Matthew Schwebel


Erin Araneta
Vincent Bui
Maxwell Bui
Lelie Martinez


Andrea Martinez
Jocelyn Valdivia
Vincent Bui

Maxwell Bui

Rama Bedri

Samantha Johnson


Angie Gonzalez
Christine Villa
Madelyn Hake

Kainani Tacazon

Bryan Uriostegui

Stephanie Alvarado

Claire Hughes

Joanna Sanchez

Amelia Ardekani


Uriel Contreras

Grace Nordini

Valeria Delgado

Rosalyn Aguirre

Janette Sanchez

Meghan Efseaff

Aislyn Duran

Gabriella Funes

Past Kevin Hogate Volunteer Award Winners

2018 Ernesto Orozco

2019 Noah Echegaray

2020 Nick Low

2021 Maxwell Bui + Sierra Johnson

2022 Andrea Martinez + Jamie Rivera

2023 Evan Bui + Nikiel Meeks

2024 Paige Ryan


Help enrich your community

Every donation is used to support the branches of the Orange Home Grown Foundation directly benefiting the Orange community and its surrounding cities.

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