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Mission & Vision

Orange Home Grown strives to cultivate a healthy community

through enhanced awareness, education and action.

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Our Vision

Cultivate Community

  • Enrich human relationships

  • Connect people and community

Educate/Promote Environmental & Holistic Health

  • Creative environments and programs that foster education, awareness and action

  • Develop a community that is reconnected to a healthy and sustainable food system

  • Celebrate agricultural heritage and support the continued use of land for agriculture

Transform Lives

  • Partner to create a community where people are empowered, engaged and educated

  • Shift society’s view of farming, food, health, and policy

Our Goals & Objectives

  • Offer opportunities and resources that support hands-on learning, volunteerism, and camaraderie; cultivating community and inspiring change through activities that foster education, awareness and create benefits for the greater good.

  • Work towards a more healthy, just, and sustainable food system through education and action in the local community.

  • Celebrate Southern California’s rich agricultural heritage.

  • Support the continued use of Orange County, California land for the benefit of food and agriculture systems.

  • Practice and model environmentally sustainable behaviors.

  • Increase public awareness of locally grown food and support sustainable agriculture.

  • Improve food security from the lack of healthy, affordable, and culturally relevant food.

  • Foster higher education in the areas of sustainable agriculture, environmental science, and health.

  • Collaborate with like-minded organizations and provide support to local nonprofits through program awareness and donations.

  • Encourage people to get outdoors and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Get Involved

Connect with us to learn how you can get involved!

Help enrich your community

Every donation is used to support the branches of the Orange Home Grown Foundation directly benefiting the Orange community and its surrounding cities.

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